Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Are you in there little fetus?

I happened to watch "Friends" last night and it was the episode where Phoebe had her embryo transfer for her brother's babies.  I couldn't help but laugh when she started singing "Are you in there little fetus?  In 9 months will you come greet us?" while sitting with her legs up in the air.  Gotta love "Friends!"  We'll know about our little fetus in one more week.  The wait is killing me.  I've still been crampy each day (we are 8 days past retrieval and 5 days past a 3 day transfer).  I'm getting more nervous for this weekend.  It was around that time with our IVF that I started spotting.  I just keep praying that this will be it and we'll have our own little miracle to greet us in 9 months.

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  1. Sending lots of positive vibes. I hope your little embie is snuggling in tight. xx