Sunday, January 9, 2011


Since we are taking a break from all the meds and procedures for trying to get pregnant, Matt and I have decided to use this time to lose some weight and get healthier overall.  Instead of getting a gym membership, we've somewhat put together our own mini-gym in the basement.  We have my parents old treadmill, a weight bench and some dumbbells and then a yoga mat.  We also have a Wii Fit and some DVDs (Zumba, Walk Away the Pounds) to use in our living room.  We are also going to a trainer once a week to check in and do our "last chance" work out.  We will be watching what we are eating and keeping track of it all on a nice IPhone app.

I've gained way too much weight since we began our journey to get pregnant 2 years ago.  At that time I was about 135 pounds.  For a 26 year old, at that time, and 5'3" woman, that was pretty good.  It was probably the best I've been weight wise a in years.  Once things got stressful and hard with TTC, I turned to food for comfort and became very lazy.  It probably has to do with being depressed with it all.  I must get healthier before pursing IVF.

As of yesterday, I was down 2 pounds from the week before!  I have a huge mountain to climb to get healthier.  But it just takes one step and working one day at a time to get there.

Before weight gain- hoping to return to my former glory

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