Friday, January 21, 2011

Bun not in my oven

Another day at school and another pregnancy announcement.  Two teachers have already had babies this year.  Three more have one on the way.  I want to be happy for them but I don't know how.  It's been such a hard 2 years for us and I'm just out of happiness.  Facebook is depressing with all the pregnancy announcements, belly pics and ultrasound pics.  I don't cry much about it anymore.  I just shut down and become numb.  I'm not sure which reaction is better to have.


  1. a facebook friend of mine was having her big sono today... all she talks about it wanting a girl. i spent all morning hoping for a boy.. guess what??? It's a girl. *sigh*
    i do consider myself lucky in that the sex of a baby will never matter to me. never. i'd take a miracle in any sex.

  2. It's so hard...believe me, I know. Facebook is such a difficult place for someone with infertility to be. The pg announcements run rampant there! I find myself "hiding" a lot of people and I hate being that way, but I just have to do what helps me get through this. To me, I feel like it's like the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" syndrome...when will it be MY turn?!?! Since my husband and I started TTC, my best friend has gotten married and had 2 kids, my niece has gotten married and had 2 kids, my nephew has gotten married and his wife just had a baby...and here I am...still without a baby.

    So many of us really do "get" what you're saying here!! Hang in there!