Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 weeks old

It's hard to believe that my little Noah will be 10 weeks old on Thursday!  He is growing so fast.  We are guessing he is around 13 pounds (we have his 2 month appointment next week).  He can hold his head up really well now.  He smiles and makes all sorts of facial expressions.  We are super lucky that Noah is an awesome sleeper (like his Dad).  He is usually asleep by 10ish and sleeps until around 8 each morning and has been doing this for a few weeks now!  He is a wonderful little boy.  I'm quite lucky that I'm still off from school and have until November 13th with him.

For me, breastfeeding was really difficult.  They don't tell you how hard it can be in the hospital.  They just let you know how natural it is.  I started with problems in the hospital when Noah couldn't latch onto my flat nipples and needed a nipple shield.  Well he wasn't eating enough with using that and never could get the hang of latching without it.  I'm pretty much pumping all the time and giving him milk through bottles.  I've also had a clogged duct as well as a round of mastitis (which was awful).  I think we've gotten into a good routine and Noah seems happy and healthy, which is all that matters to me.

I've lost my pregnancy weight (yay) and now want to lose what I refer to as my infertility weight.  That would be the weight I put on over the 3 years of trying to get pregnant.  This includes what I gained from the meds as well as eating in depression.  It's time to get rid of it and stay healthy for my little man! 

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