Friday, February 18, 2011

Infertility and T.V. shows

I've noticed that a few T.V. shows are touching on the issue of infertility lately. 

1.  Guiliana and Bill- It is a reality show.  It shows how the couple struggled to conceive, got pregnant through their first round of IVF, miscarried and had a 2nd unsuccessful round of IVF.  It's actually nice to see real people share their story as Hollywood always makes things look so perfect.

2.  How I Met Your Mother- At the end of last season, Marshall and Lily decided to start their family.  Over the first part of the season the characters talked about their frustration of not getting pregnant and how tough it can be.  In January they did an episode where Marshall and Lily saw and RE for testing.  They left off with things testing ok but still no pregnancy.  I love this show- it is probably my favorite show on T.V.

3.  Grey's Anatomy-  Meridith and McDreamy got pregnant at the end of last season but she miscarried in the middle of the shooting during the season finale.  Early this season she saw a doc and got testing done and found out she had an issue that she would have to take meds to help with it.  Still no pregnancy.  Last night Meridith and McDreamy share a scene where it looks like they are doing a quickie in the elevator.  Turns out he was giving her a hormone injection.  Another great show and it will be interesting to see where this goes.

4.  Rules of Engagement- I'm not as familiar with this show but watched it a few times.  One of the episodes I watched featured the main married couple mentioning that they could not get pregnant and that they were looking to find a surrogate. 

It's almost comforting to see infertility in the media.  It feels like it is such a hush hush topic normally.  But it is much more common that most people think.

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