Friday, February 25, 2011

Starting the process

Today I went for my first ultrasound and blood work for starting IVF.  Tomorrow will start the birth control pills.  I will take those until March 16th then off until the 23rd.  I will then remain on birth control again until April 9th.  This should allow me to cycle through, get the saline sonohysterogram done next Thursday (3/3) and hopefully start the stims by April 16th.  My retrieval and transfer are tentatively scheduled for the week of April 25th.  It was impossible for me to have the retrieval and transfer during the week of my spring break.  The office isn't fully open during that time.  At least I should be able to get some of the ultrasounds and blood work done during that time that will lead up to the retrieval.  I'm nervous but excited about it all. 

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