Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 years

Two years ago Matt and I decided to take the leap and started our journey in adding a little one to our family (other than our little dog, Lucky, of course).  Two years.  In that time we have gone through so much.  A year on our own.  Numerous tests and doctor's appointments.  Five IUI's with femara/ovidrel.  Four IUI's with bravelle injections.  Many friends getting pregnant and having their babies- some even pregnant again.  Too many broken hearts to even count anymore.  We are done with IUI's now.  We are going to take some time away from the meds and try to figure things out.  Maybe we'll have a miracle in that time.  If not, we are hoping to pursue IVF. 

When we started this journey 2 years ago, neither of us ever expected how hard it would be.  Infertility wasn't in my vocabulary or my brain.  Now it consumes my thoughts and life.  Despite all the heartbreak, I think our marriage has become stronger.  Not all couples could survive this I think.  I eats away at you.  It gives you a roller coaster of emotions from the disappointment of a negative to the optimism following an IUI. 

I hope one day we'll be able to look back at this journey (with our child) and know that it was all worth it.

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  1. Lora-I am so sorry that this ttc-journey has been so tough. I dont post about it on my blog bc we didnt tell many people-but doing ivf was the best decision we ever made. I was so sick of the emotional roller coaster and wanted to significantly increase our odds. If you have and questions about the process or want to chat about it-messege me on bbc. I hope you guys get your baby in 2011 :)