Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just keep growing

Today brought on another ultrasound and blood work.  Dr. H did my ultrasound today and said that everything was looking great.  I had 11 follicles on my left side (13 was the biggest measurement) and 4 on the right side.  My blood work level is now at 1200.  I'm continuing on the same doses and return for a repeat on Monday morning.  Dr. H is thinking that my retrieval will most likely be either Thursday or Friday of next week!  I sometimes can't even rationally imagine in my head that we are actually doing IVF.  I never would have, in my wildest of dreams, imagined that we would be here.  And now here we are- a week away from the retrieval and a few days further from transferring real embryos.  I hope that we get lucky this time around- I can only hope for a miracle.


  1. I love your updates....each one closer to your transfer!! I'm excited for you!!

  2. Hoping for your miracle too! I'm so excited it's going so well!