Monday, October 10, 2011


I had my baseline appointment with Dr. G this morning.  He was the same doctor that did my first retrieval back in July.  He remembered my crazy 46 egg fiasco.  The ultrasound and blood work showed that I'm ready to go and I have the green light to start stims on Thursday night (10/13).  I re-confirmed that we would definitely be doing a day 3 transfer vs. a day 5 last time as my embryos starting struggling by day 4.5.  I also asked Dr. G to consider if I should do assisted hatching.  Basically assisted hatching is when the embryologist somewhat "cracks" the "shell" of the embryo.  This makes less work for the embryo.  It would be possible to do this because we are definitely doing a day 3 transfer.  Dr. G said he would definitely look into it and talk to the team about it tomorrow at their meeting.  I trust whatever decision the doctor's make- I just want to do everything possible to make this IVF my last cycle. 

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  1. Yay for getting started. I saw DR G once when I went to Strong and he is the best! He is so nice and gentle. You are lucky to get him! GL with stims, can't wait for more updates.