Saturday, October 8, 2011

Peace out Apri

I'm officially off the birth control (Apri)!  I'm glad that part is over!  The Lupron is going well so far.  I received the huge box of meds in the mail on Wednesday with 4 boxes of Menopur, 4 boxes of Gonal-f (I now have 7 boxes) and syringes and tips.  Of course I had to take a picture of the mess.

I also picked up my 4 boxes of Crinone and anti-biotic at Wegmans last night. I wish their shopping bags were not so translucent so I did not have to walk through the store with a box labeled "Vaginal Progesterone Suppositories!"

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day as well.  My cousin's wife, who I mentioned on a previous post as being extremely nosey about our infertility business, told me she was pregnant.  We work together at an elementary school.  She came to my classroom after school, shut the door and told me.  I felt so cornered and locked in.  The worst part was the she continued to give me advice on getting pregnant.  She suggested "the lube that you kind of inject up in you."  Thanks, I've tried Pre-seed every single month for almost 3 years.  "You need to relax more.  I know I was stressed after a few months of it not working."  Shut up- seriously.  Don't complain about 3 months.  And don't tell me to relax and imply that I'm doing something wrong.  Finally, in a moment of panic and hoping to get her to shut up, I spilled all about our treatments.  She still didn't get it that our chances of natural conception is about at zero. 

I cried a lot last night and was lucky to have my husband there to take me out for a much needed margarita.  My mom suggested that maybe she talk to my aunt (the twit's mother-in-law) and explain what is going on and tell the twit to leave me alone and stop giving unwanted advice.  I think maybe it is time that some more people in our family know for that exact reason.  As Matt said, some family members might already be wondering why we don't have children have almost 4 years of marriage. 

I'm doing better today.  I can't let her bring me down.  We have no reason why this IVF shouldn't work this month.  I have to focus on that and just move forward.

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  1. Good idea to tell her to leave you alone. It one more person tells me to relax, I might loose it. Glad you are feeling better today. :) Happy vibes for IVF #2!