Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 days until beta

I'm hanging in there.  I feel so lucky to have family and friends that have been so supportive over the past few days.  I haven't cried in 2 days and I'm feeling better in accepting that our IVF may not have worked.  My spotting greatly decreased yesterday and has been basically nothing since last night.  I took a pee test this afternoon and it was, as expected, negative.  Once we get the beta, we will be able to close this chapter if needed and look forward.  I'm hoping that we can meet with Dr. H ASAP and come up with some sort of plan.  What sorts of questions would you ask your doctor after a failed IVF?  Here is what I've come up with so far?
-  Since we have MFI, what were the sperm counts and quality?  Did that have any effect on the results?
-  What was the quality of the eggs and embryos transferred?
-  Should we complete any other tests, especially due to all of the spotting?
-  Should we try using our 3 frosties?
-  What is involved in a frozen embryo transfer?
-  If we did a fresh IVF cycle, do you still think we could be successful?
-  Should any changes be made to our IVF protocol? 

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking about you, I know how tough it is, but do hold out hope until the beta; I've seen stories about negative HPT and positive betas and I hope that you are one of them.

    I basically am having to wait 2 weeks til my appointment with my RE. Here are my questions that I've thought of:

    -were there any significant problems noted with eggs or embryos (I know the answer is no, but I want more explanation around this).

    -Of the # retrieved/fertilized/day 3/day 5, are the ratios what should be expected? Less than optimal?

    -Is it worth it doing a frozen cycle now with just 1 frozen emby and two paid for cycles left? Shouldn't I wait until there are more to transfer?

    -Is PGD something to consider?

    -Are there any immune issues that we haven't tested for and should that may have impacted implantation?

    -Is my fibroid playing a part in this?

    -Why is the protocol I'm on right for me? Will you make any changes next time?

    -I've read that testosterone can be bad for older women (I'm on patches while on BCP). How do you see this as beneficial?

    -Is the menupur I'm on causing issues with LH/FSH that may be impacting egg quality?

    -Any sperm issues this time around?

    Hope these help; but more so, I hope that you don't have to ask them.