Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IVF #1 = epic fail

It's over.  I thought the spotting was stopping this morning but I was wrong.  I didn't need to wait for blood work on Saturday or take a test.  I have my period.  Our first IVF failed.  My heart is broken.  I just can't believe it didn't work.  I just want to curl up with Lucky and do nothing until Matt gets home from work. 

I guess the next plan is to call the office to see if I can stop the progesterone shots and get my blood work done tomorrow morning.  Then we'll have to decide what to do next- use our 3 frosties or wait to do a fresh IVF cycle. 

Is it even worth trying the frozen embryos if this cycle failed?  What went wrong?  Will this ever work?  Everything looked so good and I was so optimistic about it all.  Matt and I were talking as if it had actually worked for the first time.  We talked about having our April baby, setting up a nursery and what names we might like.  That's all done now.  My eyes and head hurt from crying.  I don't want to even have to tell Matt or my parents and sister.  I feel completely broken hearted. 


  1. Lora - I do know how heartbreaking it is. Putting all your hopes on the IVF and it not working, but even if you have bleeding you might still be pregnant as I personally know of girls who were bleeding heavily and still went on to give birth to healthy babies. So, please don't make any rush decisions, and don't stop any drugs until told by your clinic. I am still hoping for a BFP for you.

    Regarding FET working - look at me - IVF #1 a failure (albeit, was not perfect), IVF #2 perfect transfer - perfect blasts - BFN. FET - 2 lower grade blasts - and my first ever BFP after 4.5 years. So it does happen!!!

  2. Hang in there Lora. Like I said.....I bled until my beta...then it stopped....then started again....I swear, I thought it was a bust. I was very wrong!!!

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. I don't know the right words to say, but I am thinking about.

  4. I'm very sorry; it isn't over until the beta, let the office know what is going on and see what happens next. I wish I had the answers (I'm asking the same questions), but I'm hoping for you that this isn't over yet.

  5. I am so sorry. Those words seem so weak and unworthy in comparison to the pain and disappointment. I hope you can take it easy and are surrounded by nothing but love and support (no matter what you decide) in these coming weeks and months.